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Do you work remotely or onsite at my office?

We work remotely at our office.

We are a Startup, How can you help us?

We can plan the marketing strategies that you could use. We can also help in executing a marketing stratergy, if you have any.

How do I know I am getting a good, honest value?

We’ll be providing you with reports and stats to keep you assured about our work.

Do you have any free resources?

Yes. You can check it on our Resources page.

Is all of your work in English?

Yes, mostly. We can also work in our native language i.e. Hindi.

Do you guarantee the results I’ll get?

We can just optimize your results but we cannot guarantee it.

How do you maintain confidentiality?

We maintain confidentiality by signing Non-Closure Agreement with the clients we work with.

Are there any geographical limitations?

No, there is no such limitation.

Why should I subscribe to your newsletter?

Subscribing to our newsletter is a one click step to get all the digital marketing tips and tricks in one go. It is really beneficial for people interested in this industry.

How long does a website take?

On an average, it takes a month to build a website. It varies from company to company.

Where is your office located?

Corporate Address-
3rd Floor, Manokamana Bhawan
8 Shiv Puri Extension
New Delhi- 110051, India



Do you work with clients outside India?

Yes, we do work with clients outside India.

After working on my project, will you own the intellectual property rights to my brand?

No, the intellectual property rights to your brand remains with you itself.

Do we need to meet up in person?

No, it is not necessary. We have clients else where and we work the same with them.

What times can we do calls?

You can make a call anytime during business hours.

How long does it take before I can expect results?

It depends on company to company. On an average it takes around 3 months.

Will communication be a hassle?

No, it certainly won’t be.

Why should I hire an agency rather than in-house ?

Training your staff takes time , which can be better outsourced to a digital marketing agency. Training your staff from scratch is not the best use of your most valuable resource. A digital marketing agency provides the expertise of professionals with many years of experience.

Do you outsource work ?

No, we do not outsource any work. All the work is done in-house to ensure excellent quality.

Do you guarantee rankings?

We work on optimizing it but we do not guarantee anything.

What's the difference between outbound and inbound marketing?

Outbound marketing refers to strategies where your company reaches out directly to your target market and says, “Hey, buy our products and services.
Inbound marketing takes a value-driven approach to nurture your target market. Instead of using an immediate Call-to-Action, inbound marketing uses strategic content, organic search search, reputation management, and social media to reel in highly qualified leads. Inbound marketing is less concerned with increasing your raw website traffic and more concerned with increasing your conversion rate.

How can I be sure that my online advertisement in working?

We’ll be providing you with proper stats and reports about your online advertising. This way you can be sure of the work being done.


What times can we do calls?

Anytime during the business hours.

Do you run events?

Yes, we do.



How will you charge for your marketing services?

Every marketing project is different and The Marketing Central will factor in the time required, overheads and other costs before presenting prospective clients with an estimate.

Can I pay online?

Yes, you can.