What is SEO & How it Works?

What is SEO & How it worksWhen it comes to SEO many of us think of it as rocket science or something that is very complex to understand. So, today I will be demystifying the mystery of SEO for you what it means and how it works.

Till the end of this blog post you would be having a better understanding about what SEO genuinely means.

So,without any further adieu let’s dive deeper into SEO.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. it’s basically a process of optimising the visibility of a web page or the whole website to improve its “free,” “organic,” or you can say “natural” ranking in search engine.

Thus, getting a website or web page higher ranking on the SERPs.

SERPs stands for the Search Engine Result Pages these are the pages that are served by the Search Engine as a response to a query which is entered by its users.

This is how Search Engine Result Page looks like

Search Engine Result Pages

As  you can see that in the above search results there are two different kind of results. First two are the ads, which means the Paid Results and below them are the Organic or Free Search Results.

By now you must have started having a view of how powerful is SEO and how much money it can save you if you are able to rank organically on search engine result pages.

Now, before moving any further first let look how a search works.

After viewing this awesome video by Matt Cutts an engineer at Google. You must have got a clear understanding how a search works.

Now when you have a basic idea about what it is SEO and How a search works.

Lets move on to types of SEO practices. There are only two kinds of SEO practices.

One is White Hat SEO and the other one is Black Hat SEO.

As the name suggest black hat SEO refers to use of unethical techniques to rank in search engines and usually not following search engine rules.

The websites that use black Hat SEO usually have a poor user experience because they are just concerned on ranking in search engines without focusing on the human audience.

These techniques might work in shorter run but when it comes to building a sustainable business online for long-term these techniques are not suited.

Black Hat SEO is generally used by those people those who are looking at SEO as a source of making some quick bucks and not a source of long run business.

Some of the Black Hat SEO techniques used by marketers includes:—

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Link Jacking
  • Content Spamming
  • Clocking
  • and There are Many More.

But using these kind of techniques can have adverse consequences on your website and online business like being banned from search engines and getting de-indexed.

So I would recommend not to use these type of techniques to rank in search engines as neither they are ethical nor they are suited for building a sustainable business online.

Next Comes the White Hat SEO in refers to use of ethical techniques to rank on search engines and by following the search engine rules.

The website that use white hat SEO usually have great user experience because they are not only concerned for ranking in search engines they are also concerned about their audience.

With these techniques it might take some time to get ranked in search engines but when it comes to building a genuine and authentic business online these techniques do work.

White hat SEO techniques are generally used by businesses that focus on building long-term sustainable businesses and serving their audience.

Techniques that are listed as white hat SEO includes:-

  • Website Optimisation
  • Internal Linking
  • Quality Content
  • Guest Blog
  • and Many more.

Using these techniques has no negative impact as they follow all the guidelines of the search engine and makes your website search engine as well as user-friendly.

However white hat SEO techniques takes more time and energy but still these are highly recommended by me as they help you in building a business that is ethical and sustainable as compared to the businesses which are standing on the grounds of black hat SEO techniques.

How SEO works

Although search engines keep refining their page ranking algorithms from time to time but still there are two elements that are foundation of successful search engine optimisation strategy.

On page SEO

It simply means how your website content is presented in front of search engine. it involves all those things that you can do to structure your webpage in a manner so that it can be as easy as possible for search engine to find your website for a particular keyword or phrase.

It basically focuses on your website content and infrastructure. it not only helps in improving search engine rankings but also helps to create a better user experience.

There are few key elements of On Page SEO:-

  • Internal Linking

People usually thinks that the links from only other websites counts in SEO. when those links are also relevant they cannot replace the value of internal linking. internal linking makes the search engine feels that your website more relevant for a particular keyword or phrase which helps you in ranking higher in the search engine results page.

  • Image Alt Text

Images not only helps us make our content more engaging but if used properly it can also help us in SEO never forget to include your keywords in the ALT text of the images it can make your content more useful in the eyes of search engine too which can again help you in ranking higher in search engine results page.

  • Page Title

it’s one of the most important factor for the SEO of your website. your pages and post title must include the keywords you want to rank for because if someone searches for a specific keyword and that particular keyword is included in your page title then your page have a better chance of being displayed.

  • Keywords

Including relevant keywords in your content makes it easier for the search engine to recognise what your content is all about. but there is a statement of caution while including keywords never try to stuff keywords or overuse them because if search engine feels that the content is spamming it can ban your website from ranking in search engines. but would this mistake just follow this rule of thumb and keep your keyword density between 2 to 5%. by keeping this in mind you can optimise your content without appearing spammy.

  • Content Quality

The quality of content plays a significant role in on page optimisation as the main purpose of search engine is to serve its users the best quality content possible. so never forget to create the best quality content possible because if the quality of the content is not good it can drain down all your on page optimisation efforts.

  • Meta Description

Many people tend to forget to insert meta description for their post and pages. It can be a big big mistake because of the search engine fails to relate the search query with the title it tries to related it to the meta description so it’s very important for you to insert relevant keywords in your meta description too.

Off page SEO

As the name suggests off page optimisation refers to optimisation that take place outside your websites. it actually refers to your overall website authority on the Internet which is generally determined by how many backlinks you are getting to your website and what other websites are saying about your websites.

In the eyes of search engine Backlinks are like votes for your websites the more the number of websites linking back on your website, the better.

which means the higher the number of backlinks to your website, the higher the probability of your website ranking.

But do backlinks from every website has an equal weightage?

And the answer is a big Noo, backlinks from high authority websites in your niche haves much more weightage than a website with low authority.

For example if you are having a blog about health and fitness so a single backlink from a website like men’s Health will have much more weightage than few back links from lower authority websites.

The best way that you can get backlinks is producing and publishing high-quality relevant content which your readers can share on social media so that others can recognise you as an authority in your niche and start linking back to website.


SEO is not somethings of set it and forget it nature you should regularly keep a check on your search engine rankings and keep providing your audience high quality relevant content on consistent basis.

One thing I want you keep in mind is that SEO doesn’t comes with a guarantee because there are too many factors that can influence a search engine results.

But if you keep on optimising your website with Whitehat techniques your search engine ranking will definitely start improving.

It can take weeks or even months to see the results of your optimisation. So, don’t lose faith because this quality optimisation of your website will help your business and will pay off its price in many folds in near future.

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What facts about SEO did you discover after reading this post and how you are looking to implement it or if there is any question you want me to answer.

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