What The Heck Is Digital Marketing & Why Should You Even Care?

What Is Digital Marketing By Yagit Kukreja

What is Digital Marketing

Actually, In the mid 90’s people start being to place counters at the bottom of their sites to monitor traffic to their domains these counters established a whole new way to market online.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted,measurable and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads mainly on the Internet, but it also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

So what comes into this Umbrella?

Basically, there are 8 critical core disciplines of digital Marketing Website Creation And Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Data Analysis, Conversion Optimization.

We will be talking about each one of them in my later Blog Posts. For Now, Let’s get back to the Basics.

Why Digital Marketing?

As of you know that in today’s world every business understands the need of having some sort of digital presence whether be a Facebook page or a Website.

But have you ever given a thought why it is so?
Maybe not but let me tell you Its just due to its unbeatable advantages over Tradition Marketing:-

1. Consumers can now access information wherever, whenever and however they want it.
2. It Provides a level playing field for all.
3. It gives you an opportunity to build an everlasting brand identity.
4. Reach beyond the boundaries.

Is there Something for you in Digital marketing?
YES, no matter on what stage you are in your professional life Digital marketing can work in your favor.

You must be thinking how ?
Just keep reading and eventually you will get the answers to all your questions.

1. What if you are a Student

StudentDigital marketing can help you to leverage your talent by working as a freelancer along with your academic life which can serve you as an invaluable asset for your future success as you will be learning now what others will be willing to learn later.

2. What if you are a Jobseeker

JobseekerAdding Digital marketing to your skill set will make your CV stand out in your job interviews because you will be carrying a set of skill which is highly employable.

3. What if you are a working Profession

JobseekerWe are witnessing ‘Second Industrial Revolution’ where business corporations are adopting digital media. So they are looking for skilled people to manage this new vehicle so enhancing your skills in the field of digital marketing can give you an edge over other employees.

4. What if you are a building Entrepreneur

Startup FounderCoca-Cola took more them 100 years to earn the brand value it’s having today from traditional marketing and Google just took 18year, Facebook 12, Flipkart 8 and WhatsApp 6 to attain its current brand value via digital media.
You too can raise your brand awareness and get some magnificent results with your new business in no time.

5. What if you are an existing Business owner

Business OwnerOne-third of businesses are planning to introduce Digital Marketing in their business 
& 1/3 already have… What about YOU?
You too can dominate your market with the power of the internet and Find more customers online for your products / services. Which will bring you to the whole new opportunity of converting your Company Name into a Brand Name.

So till now you must have got an insight into how digital marketing can do the wonders for you but nothing comes without flaws neither does digital marketing.

The are some certain critical flaws in digital marketing in today’s era. Few of them can be stated as follows:-

1. A lot of noise out there as Their are many People out there who consider themselves as the so-called ” Internet Marketing Guru’s”. Each of them has his own set of advice which makes it very difficult to make a choice about which path to follow.

2. Instruments are still flux as Digital Marketing is a fairly new form of marketing as compared to the traditional form so it’s constantly improving and the present tools & Devices are not stable which also cause a lot of confusion about which tools to use.

3.Understanding and Integrating of the various digital marketing instruments is not an easy task.

4.Sure-Fire Ways for using Digital Marketing tools & techniques don’t exist which again potentially exposes advertisers to the risk of failure.

But according to me most of these flaws can be eliminated with application of expertise knowledge, persistence and a planned digital marketing strategy which can take into consideration all the pits and falls mentioned above.

As you are able to see by now digital marketing has the potential to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

But now the next question that comes into the minds of majority of audience is
Ya, it sounds good but how to get insights into the latest marketing trends and where to learn it from?

It’s the time when The Marketing Central comes into the picture it’s an online community for all of the enthusiasts that want enhance or establish their skill set in digital marketing and want themselves to stay up to date with the latest industry insights.

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Which of the above Mention group you fall in & what are the biggest challenge you feel is out there in taking your idea or Current Business Online? Let Me know in comments section below .

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