Why Do you Need a Website To Take Your Online Marketing Success To The Next Level?

Why Do You Need A Website By Yagit Kukreja

What is a Website & Why do you need it?Having no idea How a website can help you to take your online marketing success to the next level. Then, fortunately, you are at the right place because till the end of this post you will be knowing everything you need to know about what a website is and how can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

So roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking cap, and let’s dive into the worlds of websites.

A typical Wikipedia search defines a website something like this “A website,  is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server”.

Source:- Wikipedia

But when it comes to marketing a business I would like to define a website as the core of all your marketing efforts as when you are marketing through different channels the one and only major purpose of the majority of business is to drive traffic to their website can convert that traffic into paid visitors.

In marketing terms, this process is known as conversion.

So, if your website is not converting well. That can be a real sign of danger because it can cause all your marketing efforts to go into Drains.

The reason I took time to define this term is because so many people are not having a clear understanding what a website Actually means and that why these folks overlook the advantages of having a website or even if they’re having a website they never thought about monetizing it.

To dig a little deeper you must know the major types of website that are out there on the Internet.

Majorly every website on Internet can be classified into one of the following types of website on the basis of usability:-

Information Websiteswikipedia Home Page

Informational sites were the very first type of websites that got on the Internet. They help their readers to find information on specific topics of their interests. a great example of an informational site can be Wikipedia.

Personal Websitesseth-godin home page

Personal websites are those that are created by individuals which contain content that is personal in nature and sometimes people to use personal websites to showcase their skill sets. To get a deeper dive about how a personal website looks check my own personal website.

Business Websitenest home page

A business website is operated by a business or a private enterprise just to showcase their brands and inform customers about the presence in the market.

E-Commerce Websiteamazon-homepage

An e-commerce website takes the concept of a business website to another level in these websites companies allow people to shop directly from their computers. A great example of an e-commerce website can be Flipkart.

Social Networking Websitefacebook home page

Social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are used by millions of people to share content about various topics and these websites can also help businesses to understand the customer better.

Online Communitythe marketing central home page

Online communities are dedicated towards specific topics in these kinds of websites people of similar interests come together and share information regarding the same. like The Market Central is also an online community of digital marketers.

Directoriesjustdial home page

As in earlier times, we used to use the printed Yellow Pages For finding businesses and services, in the same manner, these days we are having online directories. a perfect example of an online directory can be Justdial.

Portfolio Websitesportfolio website home page

These kinds of websites are generally used by the professionals to showcase their works and skill sets. a majority of these kinds of websites are used by photographers.

Note:— A single website can fall into one or even more than one category at once listed above.

Now when you have a variety of websites to choose from the question arises why you must have a website?

Not One nor Two I can give you 10 solid reasons to have a website.

1.Online Catalogue
Getting catalogues can cost you plenty of money but with your website you can skip this process very easily because in this digital age your website can act as your online catalogue.

2.New Gateway For Your Customers
Your website gives a new way to your customers to connect with you and open new doors of opportunities for your business.

3.Personal Branding
Your website will be viewed by at least thousands of people if not millions which can help you in establishing a personal brand.

Having a website definitely costs money but that money is far less from what a person or a business tend to spend for their growth. you can get your website Online in less than Rs.5,000.

5.Your 24*7 Store
No matter if business hours are over or not your website is always there for your customers 24*7. which gives you an opportunity to stay in touch with your customers even when your store is closed.

6.Marketing Core
As I have also mentioned before that your website is the core of all your marketing efforts online it can help you to boost your sales and if done in a right manner it can also help you to generate leads.

7.Have Your Voice
Having a website gives you a voice in this noisy online world. with a website you can have a better impact on your viewers with whatsoever, you would like to share with them.

8.Higher Credibility
A clear well-designed website can arise a sense of credibility among your customers or prospects and can help you do win your customers over your competitors.

9.Outbid Your Competitors
If your website is optimized wisely it can help you to outbid your competitors and can make you the only go-to source in your marketplace.

10.Customer Support
Your website can also act as a medium of customer support by listing FAQ and a contact us form on your website.

So,You just discovered What a website is and why you should have one.However, a word of warning is out there for you– just knowing what a website is and how it can take your growth to the next level isn’t going to making you money.

That’s because the key to your growth lies in taking action on what you just learned. And that’s why I encourage you to make a website or if you have an existing one learn how to optimise it.

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