Why Email Marketing Should Be The Absolute Priority Of Every Business?

Why Email Marketing By Yagit Kukreja

What is Email Marketing & Why it is important When it comes to email marketing many of us thinks it’s as a very old-fashioned way of doing marketing online and things like social media marketing appear more fascinating to many of us.
Some marketers will also try to tell you that email marketing is dead.

Unfortunately in reality it’s nothing like that. in fact with the resources and tools available in this era has made email marketing even more powerful.

So, Firstly let’s uncover what exactly is email marketing?

Email Marketing is actually a form of direct marketing in which we leverage the power electronic mail to communicate with our prospects or customers.

In a broader sense, you can say that every single email that is sent to your prospect or customer could be termed as email marketing.

It is one of the best ways to keep contact with your customers,enhance relationships with them and encourage them to be loyal to you and your brand.

The only problem with email marketing is…
…It doesn’t sound as fascinating as social media marketing and various others new forms of digital marketing.

Fortunately, that’s the only major problem with email because when it comes to ROI email is undoubtedly the best.

You will be surprised to know that email marketing yields an average ROI of 3,800%( source:- campaign monitor ).

It might be hard for some of you to believe in this fact. so,I would like to bring these 5 solid reasons to the table in support of the statement mentioned above.

1. Massive Reach

According to a study, there were 3.9 billion email accounts in 2013, and it is expected to reach 4.9 billion by 2017, according to Radicati which is about 4x of the users of the world’s biggest social network Facebook. so, when it comes to reach no markings Channel is having a wider reach than email.

2. Higher Deliverability

90% of email gets delivered to the inbox, whereas only 2% of your Facebook fans see your posts in their News Feed. which reflects a massive difference between deliverability of both the platforms.

3. Greater Flexibility

Email is far more flexible than any of the major social media platform like Facebook or Twitter because these platforms are owned and controlled by a particular entity but is not the case with email there are multiple email service providers that provide you the access to send and receive emails.

4. Higher Lifespan

a study by SproutSocial reveals that 75% of the impressions on a post were archived in two and a half hours which proves that lifespan of social media post is very less but it’s not the case with the email. It uses to stay there in your subscriber’s inbox waiting to the get opened.

5. Personal Touch

With email marketing, you get the ability to customize your message according to your audience topic of interest, purchasing intent, gender, geographies and much more which make your message feel more personal and persuasive to your audience.

By now you must have realised that how powerful is email marketing. but we have just got started when it comes to email marketing so that’s why just stay in loop there is a lot more to come to your way.

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